08 October, 2016

In which I actually have a blog??

So, guys.


This is totally weird for me. This is a blog? This is my blog? One where I'll be uploading my nonsensical reviews and ravings and all those fun little weekly features I see other bloggers posting?

W o w. That's crazy.

I'm not going to be getting used to this any time soon, honestly. I mean, maybe it's not a big deal? But it feels like one? It feels like a commitment. Am I ready for a commitment? Probably not but let's see how this goes, yeah?

So. What will I be posting here?

Well, I've already kind of touched on that. But in non-hypothetical inquiries, I will be posting my reviews. Yes, those loooong rants of how much I liked or disliked a book.

And! I'll finally be able to do discussion posts! Is it weird that I'm excited about that? I've always seen other bloggers do those and I've always imagined what I'd talk about in mine. That's so exciting!

And weekly features! Another thing I've been so excited to do. I've seen top tens lists and books people have been waiting on and the SWOONS. I think that's my favourite one so you bet I'll be doing that every Thursday!

Does this mean there'll be some changes? I actually hope so, especially in regards to my review. I will not be less voice-y or less snarky in them, but I will try to structure them more. I will try to be more appropriate too. [Key word being try. I make no promises.]

Well, since that's all off my chest, I guess that's it right?


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