13 October, 2016

Swoon Thursday { 1 } Red Winter by Annette Marie

Swoon Thursday is a weekly feature hosted by #YABound
in which we share something that made us swoon in the
book we're currently reading or recently finished.

This week I'm featuring Red Winter by Annette Marie!

His finger slid over her cheek in a featherlight touch. "Do you want me to move?" 
She stared into his eyes, captured, imprisoned, immobilized. Did she? Yes. She should answer yes. She should make him move. Her heart pounded and slow heat rolled through her, part of it emanating from his warm weight on top of her, part of it sparking from within her. Yes was the correct answer, the only answer.
But the word wouldn't come. She couldn't move, couldn't speak.
He leaned down. His mouth hovered above hers, so close. Her lips parted as she watched his pupils dilate. Her eyes closed and she surrendered to whatever would happen next.
His warm breath brushed over skin, and then his lips lightly grazed hers.
e-ARC, 86%  
I absolutely adored this book! Annette Marie does romance so well. And these twoooo, they already have my heart, body, and soooooul. I am in desperate need of book two!

And in case you're wondering, this is not their first intimate interaction.

You can read my review here.

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