03 November, 2016

Beat the Backlist TBR!

My lovely friend, Austine, at NovelKnight has announced this amazing challenge and I am so happy to participate! Find out more about Beat the Backlist by clicking here!

Little bit of a quick summary on what the challenge is, though.

We all have HUGE TBRs. I remember one of my friends over on twitter saying how our TBRs will continue to grow (and grow. and grow. and groooooow. and—okay you get it) past our lifetimes. I'm fairly sure my ghost will haunt this place and somehow manage to add another book to the never ending shelf.

So while we're all trying to keep up with new releases, we forget about the old releases. And this challenge is perfect for finally going back to those. I can't read everything I was desperate to read months, maybe (probably) years ago, so I'm glad to be participating in this. I'm always hearing terrific things about old books and I keep saying "I gotta check it out!" and promptly not getting to it because I'm a terrible person.


That will end soon. Or so I hope.

Starting 2017, I'm going to beat my backlist! From January 1 to December 31, I'm going to be reading as many books as I can—all the non-2017 releases that is.

And these are the titles* I have on my list**:
*I know I won't get to all of them, so this is all temporary. Might add or unadd some throughout the year!
**Also, this is in no order except in which I have my GoodReads tbr in

And I think I'll end it there for now! There are, undoubtedly, a lot of other books from 2013 that I haven't even looked at as well as 2014-2016. I am afraid of looking through those books. I feel guilty scrolling past so many books.

I think I'll begin doing monthly wrap-ups starting 2017, and I'll include a little update on the Beat the Blacklist challenge. New year, old books, yeah?


  1. Yay! So glad you're joining in!
    Also FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK should be one of your first reads...just sayin'... ;)

    1. Hah! As soon as the clock hits midnight, I'll be starting it!

  2. I really enjoyed A Criminal Magic! I hope you do too!

    1. Oooh, yay! So glad to hear that! I'm so excited to get to it :D