28 December, 2016

{ ARC Review } Dark Tempest by Annette Marie

Dark Tempest by Annette Marie
Red Winter Trilogy, book 2
Published January 6, 2017 by Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
e-ARC provided by the author
In the mesmerizing sequel to Red Winter, Emi can no longer hide within the safety of the shrines. The goddess has charged her with a new task, one that will take her deep into the perilous realm of yokai. Shiro is her guide and protector, yet his confusing, captivating allure is a danger of its own. With the fate of the world in her mortal hands, she cannot falter, but is she strong enough to sacrifice everything—including him?

Dark Tempest is the second installment in the Red Winter Trilogy.


My Review

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ 

I love this book. I love this series. The characters, the plot, the action, the romance, and the mythology—it's all amazing. Dark Tempest is an amazing sequel to Red Winter.

Following the events of Red Winter, Emi, Shiro, and Yumei are at a loss. Emi has less than five weeks to complete her task of finding the other kunitsukami—the four leaders of the yokai. Not to mention, Shiro still has his onenju beads on, still blocking his memories and magic, both of which are needed for their journey. Still, Emi is determined to complete what's set out for her, even with all the danger surrounding her.

Annette Marie has done it again. She's mixed rich Japanese mythology with her signature of action and romance and I loved every single page of it. She kept me on the egde of my seat, breathless, and always wanting more. It was amazing and I wouldn't mind right back into the world she's created.

I really like Emi as a main character! She knows what she has to do, even though the task is dangerous. Even when she doubts herself and her abilities, she doesn't let herself stick to the sidelines; she'll throw herself into the fray to help her friends. She's both selfless and strong and so caring of the people she loves. Her sense of duty is remarkable! As strange as this may seem, it was nice to see her questioning her skills at times because she knows she's just a human. She accepts her vulnerability and doesn't let it stop her either. Watching her overcome that insecurity by proving her worth was amazing development and I loved it! Emi is just wonderful!

The plot, as always, is full of action! Things are constantly in motion, and it's a thrilling ride through and through. Annette Marie writes breath taking action scenes and it always kept me on the edge of my seat, needing to know how everything ends out. Her romance is the same! And speaking of, it is my absolute favourite! I love Ash and Piper but gooooosh, I die over Shiro and Emi EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are SO cute. The scenes with them are either adorable or super swoony

Shiro is going through a lot! And I felt for him throughout the novel. He's struggling to remember his memories, himself, and because he doesn't have all of his magic, he feels he isn't as useful as he could be and seeing him like that breaks my heart! Despite his naturally flirty manner and constant smirk—which, by all means, I love—he's vulnerable and scared sometimes and that sound? Yes, it's my heart breaking. I am so glad he has Emi, and Emi him, because they are each other's strengths and have each other's backs. I love the way they work together! (I LOVE THEM.)

Guys! This book is wild. I'm not even kidding because oh my gosh. SO many things happen; SO many revelations, and I'm breathless all over thinking about it! With Marie's amazing characterization and her action, you will not be able to put this book down.

I'm so excited for Immortal Fire. I need it now! I can't wait to see what direction Marie takes the story and what becomes of Shiro and Emi and Yumei (whom I also dearly adore!) Dark Tempest is the perfect sequel and it deserves all 5 stars!

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