25 December, 2016

Merry Christmas Book Tag!

The Merry Christmas book tag was created by Jess @ Curiouser and Curiouser! I found it through Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!
I thought this would be fun to do and wanted to try a tag for a while and I'm happy to do this one :)

Note: all the images, including the banner, is from the original tag by Jess!

I don't actually read a lot of books set during Christmas, which is weird. But I do remember Christmas in this novel along with a little cutie who goes by John.

The colour scheme was hard to find for this one! But I'm glad The Fixer *sort of* works for this because it's the perfect time to tell you guys that you must read this book!! ASAP!! It's absolutely BRILLIANT.

I actually didn't expect to pick this song, but now that I think about it, I'm glad I did. I love this song and I remember just putting it on repeat for weeks back in the last few months of high school.

I don't entirely know what kind of novel would come from this song, but I would love to read it.

Okay, Lady Helen isn't that religious, but she does believe in the Church. There's this whole alchemy thing that makes her uncomfortable in the novel, which, by the way, is one you should read.

It's been a long time since I've read this book, but I do remember that the Novices in this book have to have animals to train with them! I mean it's a demon, but like. Still.

It's just a few weeks until the Winter Solstice and there is snow abound! I absolutely adored this book and just devoured book 2, Dark Tempest. Absolutely adore these series!

I really liked this book! Funny and totally unique and a refreshing historical fiction! So much fun!

This was a cute and fun book! Maggie's art was amazing!

Lol. Picking on book for this one? Yeah, okay, totally possible. But anyway. No one should be surprised because this book probably broke your heart too.

I tried reading this while I was in maybe 7th or 8th grade. I have no idea how I finished because it put me to sleep like 5 times.

This is a super cute novel and I would love a Christmas-y rom-com of this novel.

This is just not any book, it is my favourite. And this edition is not just any edition, it is the one with stained, black edges. It is the one I desperately wish to own.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely Christmas! To those who don't, I wish you the happiest of holidays. May it be filled with love, food, and books!

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