29 December, 2016

Swoon Thursday { 11 } The Color Project by Sierra Abrams

Swoon Thursday is a weekly feature hosted by #YABound
in which we share something that made us swoon in the
book we're currently reading or recently finished.

This week I'm featuring The Color Project by Sierra Abrams!

I laugh, clinging to him. He pulls me upright, grasping my chin with one hand, staring at me in a way that makes me shiver and hope and wonder and dream. (I'm full of constellations, burning and expanding and remaking me.) Then he kisses me, lips buried in mine. He touches my neck, my hip, fingers tangled in my hair, and the stars inside me expand and burst. 
I am light and stardust in his hands. 
ARC, pgs 314-315
Good god, this book. What a beautiful, beautiful book. I cannot think of a single thing that I didn't like about this. It broke my heart and fixed it. It made me giggle and swoon; laugh out loud and sigh with happiness.

Can I just... say how perfect it was? From the characters—oh, how lovely they all were—to the story. It was just SO GOOD I can't believe that it's over.

I'm so proud of my lovely, darling friend, Sierra. The world deserves her words and I cannot wait for them to read The Color Project.

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