24 January, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday { 16 } Recent Favourite YA Couples

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This week's TTT topic is...

Freebie! I decided to choose my favourite YA couples from recent reads!

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. I know it's only been about a week, but it's been a miserable about a week and I missed posting (though even those were slightly, uh, minimal). 

But anyway! Without further adooooooooo, my favourite couples!

I actually recently just finished this book and I absolutely loved it! There was a slow burn thing going on, a fake relationship (one of my favourite tropes), and just a lot of fun all around. Adrian was different than typical "bad boys" you come across in YA and I was all for it. Caitlin was funny and relatable and I adored her and her snarky remarks. The two were just precious!

Rebel of the Sands was one of my favourite books of last year and part of that was because of Amani and Jin. The two were not at all what I expected but their romance is explosive—it is fiery and a tangled mess and I love every single bit of it. They are a force to be reckoned with apart, but together, they are so much more. I love these two to death and absolutely live for their kiss scenes.

I LOVE Annette Marie. I love her romance and her action because she does them so bloody well. The action in the Steel & Stone series is really breathtaking but the romance. It never once overtakes the actual plot, but at the same time, it sure as hell isn't subtle. It's there and it's powerful and steamy. I loved every kiss the two have shared and good lord, I need to reread it. Now.

I started this series a little later than most people but I'm just glad I picked it up in any case! I loved how headstrong, but not stupid Shazi was and I loved how Khalid slowly let his defences down around that firecracker of a girl. Their romance was both sweet and sensual and I loved how Ahdieh wrote the two of them! Definitely a great OTP.

OHHHHHH, FRIENDS, how I absolutely LOVE this book! I can't believe I read it so damn long ago but yo! The romance was just perfect here!!! I'm using so many exclamation points for no apparent reasons but GOSH I loved this book so much and I loved Nemesis + her badass attitude and Tyrus + his cunning. The two were FIRE together and I totally need to relive this amazing book.

Since the first kiss between two, my stomach has felt nothing but butterflies for them. I love these two so much and gosh, their romance was so complicated but so, so, so sweet. Bittersweet, me thinks. They are both independent and fierce and the last book, Arin just about killed me. Kestrel and he are so lucky to have each other, honestly. They are amazing.

HOO BOY was this book hot. Sort of figuratively, sort of literally—in the content sense, of course. ANYWAY, technicalities aside! Let's talk my OTP, Stellan and Avery. I never liked Jack because when you have someone who you can fancast as Lucky Blue Smith, the clear winner is right there. Avery and Stellan are absolutely amazing together, if I do say so myself. The one scene here? Totally perfect, totally swoon worthy, and totally need more.

They are so cute! I will admit that I didn't see as many cute, crush moments as I did in The Witch Hunter in this finale, but towards the end, I loved them all over. I always John was super adorable in the first book and Elizabeth was a strong, fierce main character. Seeing them together made me so happy!

Oh, gosh, these two. This book. So many feelings! I love how Bracken writes—not just romantic relationships, but all sorts, from familial and friendships—but this romantic one definitely has a special place in my heart. Etta and Nicholas are so loyal to each other and they would do anything for the other. Most of this novel didn't feature them together, but reading it, one could definitely tell how much they loved each other. It was beautiful, if a bit painful. I loved it to death.

Having read the second book fairly recently, my need for these two to be together and HAPPY just went way beyond the highest level of desperation + need. I adored the broody Carlston in both the first book and its followup, and I just fell in love with Helen even more in book two. They are strong separate but they are even more when they work together and the little taste of them in both books makes my little fangirl heart just die of happiness.

And that's quite it! I have so many more lovely OTPs but in the last year, I absolutely fell for this lot. 

What are some of your favourite OTPs?

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