09 February, 2017

Swoon Thursday { 16 } The Traitor's Kiss by Erin Beaty

Swoon Thursday is a weekly feature hosted by #YABound
in which we share something that made us swoon in the
book we're currently reading or recently finished.

This week I'm featuring The Traitor's Kiss by Erin Beaty!

Sage suddenly had to remind herself to breathe. 
With the determination of having made a difficult decision, Ash reached up and tilted her chin higher. In the same movement, he slipped his left arm around her waist, drawing her to him. Their eyes met for a split second; she barely had time to realize what was happening as his face bent down to her own. 
At first Sage trembled so badly she couldn’t react. His lips pressed against hers, and she tried to yield, tried to respond in a way that would tell him what she wanted, but she didn’t know how. Ash’s confidence wavered against her lukewarm response, and he drew back. Sage nearly panicked. It couldn’t end like that. She leaned into him, sliding her hands up to grasp the open collar of his shirt. Don’t stop. 
Their lips met again, and this time he was startled, but only for a moment. Then he pulled her closer, raising her onto her tiptoes. She closed her eyes as his fingers drifted up her jawline to bury themselves in her hair.
e-book, pg 209

This is such a solid debut! I'm really enjoying the characters so far!

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