25 April, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday {29} Things That'll Make Me NOT Wanna Read A Book

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This week's TTT topic is...

Top ten things that will make me not wanna read a book

Like last wee's top ten--things that'll make me read a book--this one is just as hard. The more I think about it, the more superficial it seems... but I can't help it.

For the sake of making it easier for me, I've chosen things that turn my interest for a book down both before I start it and while I'm reading it!

 The girl's life changes when she meets her love interest
   ↪  Don't feed me this bullshit. Do not. I hate when a girl's life goes completely crazy because her love interest walks into her life. It always feels like her life before the LI walked in wasn't there. I hate this.

 The main character "fights her attraction" to the love interest

   ↪  This is sort of going off the first thing. It usually happens in sequels, but in first books as well. It has me rolling my eyes so hard. 

 Bad pitches

   ↪  You lose me right away at "Red Queen meets..." or "Throne of Glass meets..." Like, sweetie. Honey. No thanks.

 Bad covers
   ↪  You know you're like this too. Not all covers are appealing.

 The forbidden love triangle

   ↪  Siiiiiigh. It's usually worse in sequels but a love triangle, or any love shape for that matter, is a nuisance. It makes the plot more romance driven, adds more romantic drama. I can do without that.


   ↪  I've heard people defend this and hey, it's fine! Sometimes it works! But it doesn't work for me. Not just because I find it unbelievable, but rather because I don't see the chemistry. I have no idea how the relationship even formed.

 Animal cruelty

   ↪  This doesn't even need an explanation.

 Revenge in contemporaries

   ↪  I'm singling out contemporaries because in fantasy, no one's seeking revenge on their ex or something. Not that all contemporaries where revenge is a thing does that, but few do and there's literally nothing that makes that okay. I'd rather a lost princess seek revenge on some king.

 Same ol' fantasy plots

   ↪  You have a princess. Or a killer. There's an uprising. A rebellion. A whatever. It's the same thing over and over.

 Too heavily romance based

   ↪  I like having a romance in my books as much as the next person, but like I've said before, I hate it overtaking the plot. When there are hints at it, that's cruel teasing, but I'd rather have that than two characters constantly arguing about their relationship or whatever.

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