18 July, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday { 35 } Endings that Left Me Shocked

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Note: this isn't the official topic this Tuesday! The people behind this tag will be back with new topics in August, so I'm using one of the older topics.

Cliffhangers, if you think about it, are some of the worst yet some of the best things about a book. Because if it ends with a shocker, you're less likely to forget it. Then again... you're also more likely to be an absolute mess over it.

In any case, I love those kind of endings. Even where they might not technically be a cliffhanger—one where you just have no clue what direction the next book will be in—they're still amazing.

And so! Here are some of my favourite books with endings that left me open-mouthed and still agonising over them!

Do you have any books like these? What are some of your favourite or most memorable endings?

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