08 November, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday { 51 } Leadership!

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LOOK WHO'S A DAY LATE. Sorry, I've been obsessed with an event and I just finished today so HURRAH! *insert confetti emoji for dayssss*

Anyway! If you're a reader of fantasies, dystopias, or sci-fis (er, aren't the last two the same thing? probably, moving on), it's riddled with toooons of rebellions. Lots of teenagers taking control, which is GREAT. So here's a list of characters who I think are great leaders—though they aren't just limited to those subgenres!

♩ Jude from The Cruel Prince

Tough luck, homies, I'll never stop talking about this book because [deep breath] THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. And I love it to p i e c e s, if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, JUDE. God, she's such a fierce, flawed, and remarkable character. If she's leading an army or kingdom, sign me tf up. I'd die for her.

♩ Hideo and Emika from Warcross

WERE YOU EXPECTING THAT? You should have because tbh, Hideo is wow for several reasons. Not that I don't think Emika couldn't be a great leader on her own, but the two of them? Together? Or separately? WHATEVER. It'd be intense. Hideo's got that presence about him and Emika can get shit done and whether they're working together or not, they'd be amazing leaders any time or place.

♩ Gauri from A Crown of Wishes

Nothing's better than a girl with a thirst for blood. Gauri proves time and time again that she's capable of handling herself and others in her way. I have so much respect for her and honestly? I kind of aspire to be her. Once again, sign me up anytime to be part of her army.

♩ Alex from The Female of the Species

I love Alex so much and if you read this book, well, maybe you know why.

I mean. Have you seen that blurb? Alex Craft knows how to kill someone. And she doesn’t feel bad about it.


♩ Inej from Six of Crows

Kaz is great and all and I do love Nina, but Inej, my one true love. I adore her and everything about her. If she's leading an army, I would swear fealty in a heartbeat, without any hesitation.

I just. I have so much respect for her! You go, Inej. Captain your own ship. You're doing so, so good.

♩ Emerence from Death to the Feral

Lowkey cheating since she's already a leader, but AHHH, I love Em. With her sharp nails, fierce lipstick, kickass boots, and amazing powers, how can I not?

I know you guys don't know her but ohmygod, I can't wait for you to meet her. Emerence is amazing and it would be an honour to work with her.

♩ Asha from The Last Namsara

Asha is fierce. She'd be more than capable to lead anything, to be honest. I adored her from the very beginning and she only grew more in this book and it'd be great to see her story continue! 

♩ Helen from The Dark Days Club

Helen has been one of the best characters I've read. She's determined, open minded, and strong. She also has her priorities straight—something I can't relate with—and I have no doubt that, as a leader, she'd be able to make the tough calls, even if someone else isn't willing to. 

♩ Ivy and Tess Kendrick from The Fixer

These sisters are a fierce, smart, and calculating duo. Ivy's a distinguished badass who'd be able to get their enemies' dirtiest secrets, and Tess would be able to come up with some wicked plans. With the two of them leading, hoo boy.

I also really love these two so much. SO MANY EMOTIONS, but that's unrelated.

♩ Aileana from The Falconer

Not only can she kill and maim, but she was able to withstand some seriously bad things (which I'm purposely being vague about bc spoilers) and managed to keep going and come out stronger for it. As the series continued, Aileana just became more of a great character and I really admire her! She's definitely be a great leader.

SO! That is my list and it's full of fierce ladies, yaaaay. Who do you think would be a great leader—or, who are some of your favourite leaders?

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