20 March, 2018

{ Review } The Raven King by Nora Sakavic

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The Raven King by Nora Sakavic
All For the Game, book 2
Published July 31, 2013
The Foxes are a fractured mess, but their latest disaster might be the miracle they've always needed to come together as a team. The one person standing in their way is Andrew, and the only one who can break through his personal barriers is Neil.

Except Andrew doesn't give up anything for free and Neil is terrible at trusting anyone but himself. The two don't have much time to come to terms with their situation before outside forces start tearing them apart. Riko is intent on destroying Neil's fragile new life, and the Foxes have just become collateral damage.

Neil's days are numbered, but he's learning the hard way to go down fighting for what he believes in, and Neil believes in Andrew even if Andrew won't believe in himself.


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You’re going to have to excuse my language for this review because what the actual fuck happened in this book? 

Okay, look, by the time I’m even writing this review, I’ve finished this messed up series. I’m not going to be reviewing The King’s Men because I felt a lot more for this book—not that I didn’t feel anything for the finale, I did. 

This one just surprised me more than I want to admit. 

Okay, so a few months ago, apparently, I read The Foxhole Court. Long story short, I didn’t care for it and I never expected to continue. 

Then I picked this up. Completely on a whim. A friend on twitter posted a beautiful picture and it showed up on my feed and I just. I picked this up. I read it through the night. And what the fuck

I didn’t expect anything that happened here!! NOTHING. It messed me up so badly because hooooooly shit, what the actual hell. I remember next to nothing about The Foxhole Court, so yeah, I completely went into The Raven King blind but jesus, it… I don’t even know how to explain it. SO much happened. I felt like I’d been reading for ages because of all the events when in reality, it was barely just two hours since I began. It was one wild fucking ride from start to finish and it absolutely took my breath away. 

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. This book is messed up. It’s problematic. It needs a lot of trigger warnings. 

I hate that it’s so addicting. 

Honestly. I kind of hate the fact that this got me so… involved with the series. I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want to like these characters or care about what happened to them, but surprise! I did! I hate everything. 

The most surprising revelation was how much I’d come to like Andrew of all people. The guy is—he’s a lot of things and frankly, I don’t think most of them are good. But I respect the fact that he’s so dangerous and 5 feet tall. Short people don’t get enough credit. ANYWAY THOUGH. I hated him in TFC but I was just ???? throughout this book over him. I didn’t get it. I wouldn’t say I love him because no or that he became a better character because no. It’s so complicated! I definitely hate to... tolerate? lowkey like? him.

I loved the other characters, though. (Not Aaron, fuck that guy lmao.) But Kevin, Dan, Matt, Renee—even Allison! And especially Nicky, who is just so sweet and sensitive and so, so caring it actually sort of broke me. Don’t even get me started on Coach because the lot of them really make me emo—well, except Kevin. I like Kevin because he’s hella funny. The others, though, they’re just so caring (also except Allison, but whatever). 

The backstories for practically all of them are awful. I mean, it makes sense since the whole thing Coach came up with for the Foxes, but wow. This book had more of an insight into Andrew’s and… [deep breaths, Mith, deep breaths] I don’t know what to say. It’s been weeks since I’ve read it. I’m still a bit shell shocked. I’m still horrified. 

Anyway, I think I’ve ranted enough. I don’t know. If you plan on reading this series, take caution. It’s incredibly dark. The first book is meh but I thought this book really picked the trilogy up. It really changed the game—pardon the pun, I think?? It’s messy and horrifying and annoyingly addicting. So yeah. Here’s my two cents.

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