01 July, 2018

{ Recap } June Edition

Happy July! The weather is too hot, I am melting, but hey! The sun is out, school's done for lots of us, and it's time to relax! Which means more books, sooo...


June, overall, was a pretty decent month. There was a lot of bubble tea and hanging out with my friend Victoria, getting into a new show, and so many cover reveals. These last few days were difficult though, but overall?

June wasn't that bad.

Halfway through the month, we'd celebrated Eid. It was different than other years, and by this, I also mean less fun. But I'd gotten my mehndi—henna, as some of you might call it—done. It already faded but the design was cool while it lasted.

I felt... very productive this month. Knocked out two seasons of Bones; wrote a ton of reviews so I'm mostly caught up with them; read a lot too, or so it feels like. I mean, as of right now, I'm only two (2) books away from my yearly goal! 

I also got to 1,000 followers, finally. It only took like half a year to finally reach that one goal. I know it had 100% to do with the giveaway (which y'all should enter if you already haven't!) and I'll probably be back in the 990s again sooner or later, but hey! I got there. Woo.

I can't forget to mention that I finally got my hair cut! It's shorter and slightly more annoying than before but, ugh, I've been begging for shorter hair for ages now. On top of that, I've gotten some pretty amazing books throughout the month and that in itself is a feat for me.

All that outta the way, it's time for the good stuff: every single book I've read this month!


the reads

So GR is being super annoying right now and they aren't counting one of the books toward my challenge. It's hella infuriating, but I AM KEEPING COUNT SO JOKE'S ON YOU, GOODREADS. Moving on, here's my everything I read in June!

This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada ♫ ♫ ♫  }
Smoke in the Sun by Renée Ahdieh ♫ ♫ ♫  }
Girl at the Grave by Teri Bailey Black ♫ ♫  }

Mischief & Magnolias by Kristi Cook ♫ ♫  }

♩ Kingdom of Ash and Soot by C.S. Johnson ♫ ♫  }
♩ The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang ♫ ♫ ♫  }

♩ City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab ♫ ♫ ♫ }

♩ Whirl by Emma Raveling ♫ }
♩ Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ }

I finally broke my streak!


other posts

Last month, everything in this section were reviews. I'm happy to announce that this time, that will not be the case! How exciting.

TAG: Gordon Ramsay Book Tag
TAG: Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag
♩ REVIEW: Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser [ARC]
♩ REVIEW: Girl at the Grave by Teri Bailey Black [ARC]
♩ REVIEW: Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Pérez [ARC]
♩ REVIEW: Kingdom of Ash and Soot by C.S. Johnson [ARC]
♩ REVIEW: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
♩ REVIEW: Whirl by Emma Raveling
♩ MINI REVIEWS: Mini Review Collection #6
 COVER REVEAL: Birth of Chaos by Elise Kova, Lynn Larsh

Me?? Being a well rounded poster? I truly cannot relate.

Then again, I did forget some weekly features this month, but y'know what? Things come up. People forget. I'm okay with it.


resolution update

In case you don't know what this is, here's the basic essentials.

Every month, my goal is to read at least one (1) backlist bookone (1) physical book; and one (1) monthly release. These do not include rereads. (I'm beginning to think it should because I'm eyeing Warcross again.)

{ backlist }

♩ Magnolia by Kristi Cook ♫ ♫  }
♩ Mischief & Magnolias by Kristi Cook ♫ ♫  }

Like always, here's a bunch of backlist reads lol
This time around, I don't really even mind because ARC August is coming up which means ARC after ARC after ARC, which can be tiring. So! Hoping to reread lots of books and pick up plenty of backlists in July!

{ physical }


♩ City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab ♫ ♫ ♫ }

{ monthly }

♩ Smoke in the Sun by Renée Ahdieh ♫ ♫ ♫  }

Not many June releases that I haven't already gotten to... haha July might be tough.


recent happenings

I've decided that this section will be a little look into my personal life and what I was up to, other than reading, during the past month.

{ music } 


Can you guys tell I love it? Because oh! my! god! I love it. My favourite songs have been everything, but specifically King of the Clouds and Hey Look, Ma I Made It. I would die for Brendon Urie, honestly.

Speaking of new albums, 5 Seconds of Summer released one too? 11th grade me would be shaking, but this current me... well I'm still lowkey trash for them. Youngblood, as a whole, wasn't my favourite album of theirs. But there were some good songs! What comes to mind is Babylon and Empty Wallets.

Non-new album wise, I listened to Billie Eilish with my friend earlier this week. That girl is talented, holy shit. I really love her voice, though I wasn't able to get into every song. idontwannabeyouanymore was my favourite.

And finally, Wasteland! I never fully got into Against the Current, but earlier in June, I was just desperate for new music. I came across the song's music video—the thumbnail is beautiful—and the song didn't take long enough to hook me! It's been on repeat, with the other songs, the entire month now.

{ netflix / tv } 

It's official. I'm officially giving up on my DCTV shows on the CW. I just... I have literally no interest in them anymore? I tried catching up on Legends of Tomorrow, but it just felt painful.

Right now, I'm on season 3 of Bones. I watched at a snail's pace, but I've managed to reach there. The show might be disgusting but I really am liking the characters and their relationships.

I haven't given up on Person of Interest! I swear! I'll get back to it eventually. I really like the show and I don't plan on giving up.

Otherwise, I've been watching Set It Up on netflix a lot. I adooooore rom-coms and Set It Up is one of the best I've watched in so long! The dialogue, the characters, the story—it was very well done and I adore it.

{ life }

We went thrifting a lot this month, Vickster and I. And I got books!! I actually got books! I have no space for them, BUT BOOKS!

June, like I said before, was full of bubble tea. I'm convinced half my body fluids are lemon black tea and my blood is infused with tapioca pearls. I don't care. I love bubble tea. We were talking the other day, saying that, if we ever moved, our new place would need to have a bubble tea place within walking distance. We aren't kidding.

I've tried to up my insta game and that came and gone, so I'm just doing fine with my mediocre pictures. It's sorta annoying, but it's also fun, which I think matters more!


anticipated reads

... what even comes out in July? 

After looking some up, here's what I hope to get to:

And here are some books I've read that you should check out, too!


new covers

If I thought May had a lot of cover reveals, clearly I wasn't thinking about what June was gonna offer. This section might be a long one. So lemme just say, I love cover reveal season so much.

And if you want to view more reveals, here is my


Yaaaaay, another month done! How was your June? Did you read anything interesting? What books are you looking forward to in July?

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