review policy

Reviewing requests are currently closed!


First, I'd just like to thank you for a) visiting here! and b) actually wanting me to review your book. That's really flattering and surprising and I can't thank you enough.

When Sending in a Request

Please include the following information:
  • title
  • author
  • blurb/synopsis
  • genre(s)
  • publication date
  • number of pages 
  • when you'd like the review by 
  • if it's okay to post quotes 
* denotes the most important things

I will respond to your request as soon as I am able.

Like I've already mentioned, I'm extremely thankful and flattered that you want me to review your book. However, that does not mean I can accept every request. Often times, I'll have other books I need to get finish; or I'll just be extremely busy. If that is the case, I'll let you know and ask that you understand the circumstances.

Note: If you want to send in a request, but your book has not been released yet, please contact me at least 3 months prior to release date. That way, I'll have time to read and properly review your book.


I mostly read the following:
  • fantasy (any type)
  • science fiction
  • dystopia
  • paranormal
  • thriller/mystery (preferably with minimal romance)

While those are my favourite genres, I'm open to the following as well:
  • contemporary
  • steampunk
  • historical
Anything with LGBTQ+ and/or diversity is sure to get a higher chance of being accepted!

Note: I'd like to add that if you are considering sending in a series request that it not be book 2+, especially if I haven't read the first book.


I read mostly on my kindle and physical books. That being said, I'd prefer if you would either send me .mobi files or print books. Thanks!


Since I am a mood reader, it can depend when exactly I'll read your book. However, I will only post a review either a month prior to the book's release date or a week or two before release date. Again, it would be helpful if you told me when you'd like the review by.

If I am late in any way, I sincerely apologise. Please keep in mind that I can't review every book I get at a certain time.

All opinions are my own. This gives me the right to either like or dislike your book as I see fit. I'm a generally sarcastic and voice-y reviewer. You can click here to see some of the books I've reviewed or to get a sense of how they will be. In any case, whatever I say in my review is not directed at the author in any way.

All reviews will be posted here, on GoodReads, and Amazon. If there are any other websites you'd like me to post on, please let me know. I will be sending you the link(s) to my review(s) after it has been posted.

FTC Disclosure

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I receive no goodies or such in exchange for my reviews. All books are either my own, borrowed from a library, authors and publishers, or websites such as Netgalley and Edelweiss. ARC reviews will include where I obtained the book.

And I think that should be it! Please visit my contact page to send in a request OR you can email if you have ANY questions. Thank you for considering me as a reviewer!

xoxo, Cookie