31 July, 2017

August Challenges: #ARCAugust & #TheReadingQuest (potential) TBRs

Friends! Hello and I hope you're having a good start to the week! Today, I'm excited to share my potential TBRs for some great challenges taking place in August—#ARCAugust, hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat. & #TheReadingQuest hosted by Read at Midnight!


So! Since there are two challenges, and I am notoriously lazy, it's in my best interest to tackle both and have books that overlap with both challenges. I thought about doing separate TBRs but I think, in the long run, posting them together will be easier.

But before I get to that, here's a little background info on both the challenges. First up...


Hosted by Shelly, Octavia, and Angie @ read.sleep.repeat.org

A few months ago, back in April, I participated in a challenge called A Very ARC-ish Readathon, which was a low maintenance challenge that encouraged bloggers and readers alike to tackle their advance reading copies (or advance review copies), both new and old. The same goes for #ARCAugust, only in a new month.

Again, it's something that you shouldn't stress about. As Octavia says in her post, "ARC August has always been about having fun first and finishing ARCs second."

There will be two Twitter chats, using the hashtag #ARCAugust, taking place at 8PM EST on August 8th and August 28th! There's be giveaways and interviews as well.

This challenge starts August 1st and ends August 31st.

Click HERE to check out their sign-up post and any more info!

Next up, there's...


Hosted by Aentee @ readatmidnight.com

#TheReadingQuest is a new challenge that is based on a video game quest. You get to pick your own character class, earn health and experience points, and conquer your TBR! 

The challenge is based off of a traditional bingo board—only difference is that you have to go through a path of challenges based on the character class of your choosing. Each square has a prompt you must complete.

Here are the classes! You have 4 to choose from.

you can click on the image to make it bigger!
Here's the board where your challenges lay:

you can click on the image to make it bigger!
The blue squares in the middle are side quests, which you can complete for extra points!

Part of this quest is earning experience points and health points. Everyone starts at 10 EXP, gains 10 EXP for every book/challenge you finish, and 1 HP for every 10 pages.

All picture credits go to CW over at Read, Think, Ponder! Thank you for the AMAZING character art!

For this challenge, participants had the option of making a character card! And, so, of course I made one:

Credit goes to the amazing CW for the adorable character art and background! I only edited the font.

As you can see, I'm a mage because mages are awesome.

This challenge begins August 13th and ends September 13.


Now! Time for my potential TBR, because we all know how terrible I am with those.

For the 5 prompts my mage has to go through, I've picked the following books:

- a book with a one word title
- a book that contains magic
- a book based on mythology

- a book set in a different world
- the first book or a series

For my #ARCAugust TBR, I'm hoping to finish & get to the following books:

That's all of it! I'm very bad with TBRs so let's hope I manage this, haha. It helps that they're all books I want to read!

Are you guys participating in any of these challenges?

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